Hello divi enthusiasts and TGIF! I have been meaning to get this recent buy out there but haven’t had the time of late.

  • I bought 30 shares of AAPL on Monday for $92.81
  • This brings my forward annual divi outlook to $2,048.43

It’s cool to think that I could pay for almost two months of rent with this. Of course, I will choose to reinvest to try and speed up this snowball. As I am typing this, Apple closed today at $90.52. Clearly I did not catch it at the bottom. I am okay with that though. I honestly hope that some of the articles/predictions that I have read come true and it drops to $85ish! I’m not sure if that will happen, but this stock is one I can get excited about dropping. I think there are a lot of possibilities with this company still.

Disney has fallen to a little over 100. That company is still facing the woes from ESPN. Between the two, I would continue adding to my AAPL over my Disney position just because I bought Disney under $90. I would like to eventually buy more Disney shares though…I also still need to see the new Captain America movie! I’ve been slacking.

Also, I finally crossed the halfway point to my first 100k in my brokerage account today! My trades will now only be $5.95 from hitting the 50k mark. That’s down 3 dollas from $8.95! It’s not as good as the places that do $4.95 a trade but it’s not far off. It also lets me keep everything in one place. I am all about simplicity!

Finally, I am going to try my first side hustle at a place called onespace! My simple understanding from looking at it is that you take some courses to show some proficiency, do some tasks (I’m going to try the transcribing voice files), and get paid on paypal. I don’t really count the way that I use swagbucks as a sidehustle. I just listen to the music, do the poll, use the search engine, and then get my free amazon dollars to pay for some books.

Anyone else liking AAPL at these prices or think it will tumble more? Has anyone ever tried onespace or use a different side hustle?


Take Care,





8 thoughts on “Recent Buy AAPL and Side Hustle

  1. Thanks for sharing JT. Congrats on trying a new side hustle. Last month a wrote a post about companies I wasn’t currently investing in (Chevron, IBM, and Apple). At the time Apple’s share price was 20% higher, although I wasn’t calling for it to fall. The fact that Apple has fallen about 34% since it’s 52 week high as made me think about buying shares, but at the end of the day i just don’t like owning product companies. I like reoccurring revenue, and really prefer it to be services based. If share prices keep falling, I may buy Apple shares on a swing trade…..but I don’t blame you (or anyone else) for buying shares today. The company will surely be transformed over the coming years and get away from its product based origins. Plus, management has plenty of cash to go and “buy the growth” that Apple used to develop internally. That’s not bad, just different

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yes, I am looking forward to seeing what they do with all that cash down the road! That was the other big selling point that got me to buy besides the cheap valuation.

  3. I like the play JT. Apple’s price may fall further and hope we pick up more in the low 80’s ๐Ÿ™‚ that’ll be sweet.
    Keep up the great work bud. You’re doing awesome. Cheers and take care.

    • I’d be happy for the low 80s too! Some are saying $85 is the sweet spot but who knows. Thanks for dropping by D Hustler.

    • I think so too! It’s cool to know that Berkshire Hathaway bought some too…I’ll tell myself I found it before them!

  4. Catching this a few days late but it seems me like someone at BRK agreed with you! I like apple a lot and purchased it in my investment club, but my dividend account is only made up of stocks with 20+ years of increasing dividends.

    I love Disney as an investment! I mean how much is star wars going to bring in over the next decade?! Between the movies, the off shoot tv shows, the merch! I think if we fast forward to 2025 at some point you’ll be saying, “Shit I wish I put more into DIS”

    • Hey BuildingIncome! I know DIS went below $100 today! I would like to see low $90s again to buy more.
      It was nice to see the pop that AAPL got after BRK’s purchase was released. I hope it stays lower for longer though!


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