When I’m losing money, I’m upset because I’m losing. When I’m making money, I’m anxious because I worry that I won’t be able to keep it up. -A Trader from Market Wizards

I have been mulling over what kind of investor/trader that I am. Do I want to focus on value or momentum trading? However, I honestly do not care what label I attach to my method as long as I am profitable!

I have been tracking my money in my trading account from 10/24/2016 by putting the stating value on a spreadsheet along with the amount at the end of the day. My account is currently up 10.94% as of 11/25/2016. This is largely due to being up about 22% on my VALE trade as of now. I also decided to get in on FCX and BHP to ride the iron/copper idea. I am going to start looking at taking some profits on these three trades.

I am also down 4.89% at the moment on my Activision (ATVI) trade. This is a very large position in my portfolio along with VALE. ATVI is currently at $37.22 while the average price that I purchased is $39.13. I think this one will turn, but I am ready to cut my losses like I did with my Facebook (FB) and Vodafone (VOD) trades. I still plan on keeping any loss at 1% of my portfolio or less. I successfully did this with both FB and VOD. I am, however, very very slightly over the 1% unrealized loss with ATVI. Activision is in a downtrend at the moment. However, I know (from past experiences) that this stock will turn very quickly when it does. I have been in it two other times and also like the sector. I would like to hold this stock through the holidays, but I have put a stop at $36.00.

I also haven’t given up looking for what I consider a good deal (value). I picked up 25 shares of Smuckers (SJM) at $124.95 per share (this includes commissions). This is a company that I have been eyeing for over a year but never got in on it. It closed at $124.46 on 11/25/2016. I might purchase more as I start to pull out of my VALE, FCX, and BHP trades.

I have not been adding to my account as I have been doing in the past. I have been spending a bit more on traveling and maxing out my ROTH IRA for the year. It has been fun treating my account more like a business and tracking every single day. I might ease up in the near future and track progress by week as opposed to tracking daily. I’ll see if my emotions can handle looking at it constantly.

I have not given up on dividends or value when looking for stocks. I have just been working on adding momentum and swing trading to my personal investing repertoire. So far so good, so good so far…However, none of these results matter if I give it all back. Money management is the key to success. This will hopefully allow me to continue to stay profitable in my investing and trading.

Currently Long on: FCX, BHP, VALE, NAT, BP, ATVI, and SJM


Take Care,




One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute. -William Feather

I have made a lot of changes to my portfolio since I am starting to manage it more actively and due to the recent decline. I now only own 5 stocks. A quick breakdown is shown below:


I sold off the others to invest more in NAT and VALE and to have some cash to deploy soon. I am looking at companies like PFE, SNY, or AMGN since pharmaceuticals /biotech/ health sector have been hammered. The other thing I am looking to do is double down on Kroger (KR) if it goes a little bit lower. I bought at 30.63 and would be tempted if it goes any lower than that. I think it is a pretty safe place for my money and am looking for a pop.

Kroger Trade:

  • Cost Basis $30.63
  • $34 gives an 11% gain
  • $36 gives a 17.53% gain
  • Stop at $29.50 equals 3.69% loss
  • Reports earnings Dec 1, 2016

VALE Greed:

  • Cost basis $6.87
  • $8 gives 16.45% gain
  • $9 gives 31% gain
  • Believe stock isĀ in uptrend after hitting low of $2.27 in Jan 2016
  • No stop placed at this time


Put a lot more money into Nordic American Tanker (NAT). I’ll get to collect a nice divi while waiting for a bounce but would rather get a nice bounce to take some off the table. Bought two chunks at $7.98 and $7.88.

  • $9 is about a 12.7% gain
  • $10 is about a 25.31% gain
  • $12 is about a 50.38% gain
  • No stop set

I am not sure how long NAT will be at these levels, but it as been at them before. I just like how a lot of people liked the stock when it was at $14-15 but not at these levels! I’d probably start taking some off the table at mid 9s.

I am also still eyeing refiners to trade. The same day I decided to buy VALE and SFL (already traded out) was the same time that PBF decided to go on a 9%+ run. It has now already pulled back to $22.52. I would like to get on this at $20 or lower. I am unsure if I will get that chance though.

While I am ready for this election to be over, I am ready (and hoping) for a little bit more pain on Monday. I’d rather it only be a very short term panic as opposed to a major downturn. However, I need to eventually pull the trigger on shorting stocks too. I am not there yet but am getting closer to being ready. I am not ready for options yet!

I am enjoying only having to follow a few stocks now. My main goal is to cut my losses and move on. It’ll be fun to see how pleasant or painful this next week is. I have no idea how it’ll end up!


Good luck to all!