Hello everybody! I am going to update where I stand on my goals for the year. Below are my three goals for 2016.

  1. End 2016 with annual forward looking divi income of $3,000
  2. Read 24 books
  3. Run a 6 minute mile

Goal #3 is knocked out! K.O.’d! Finished! Did one in 5:55 but looking to improve since I am back on a running kick once again. It has been 3-4 years since my last running stint, and now I am looking to enjoy it once again. Also, I saved the life of a melting Hershey’s bar (the cookies’n’creme breed) in the vending machine a few minutes ago and am chasing that down with a Mountain Dew while writing this. It’s not coffee or an IPA, but it’ll do.

One down and two more to go. I have to add more of the books that I have finished to my completion list. Rough guesstimate would put me at 15 down. I am not 100% on that though. I should be able to crush that goal, and it is probably my favorite one to kill! Also, I am very behind on writing some reviews of the books I have finished.

I am standing at a little under $2,000 forward divi income per year. To help this, I plan on selling my BWLD shares and put that money in to AAPL (a great divi growth stock in my opinion). That will bring me to around 50-55 shares of AAPL (going to put a limit order for $92). I am going to let ATVI continue running and hold it.

My next purchases will be in VLO or AGU most likely. I am going to do my best to target good companies in a rough patch. I really like the 4-4.5% yield zone. It seems to be a nice sweet spot for divis.

Finally, within the next 1-2 weeks I will write a post about the similarities between running and investing/financial freedom. A few teasers:

  • Weight is to running what debt is to investing. Both slow you down
  • Being unprepared for a race is like being unprepared for retirement. You know it is coming up eventually…
  • Shin-splints in runners are similar to people who constantly switch investing strategies (Embellishment will follow in the above mentioned post.)

OK. That’s enough for now. I have a good story for the second bullet. It follows my mantra of anything worth doing is worth doing unprepared on short notice. (I’m still working on changing my mantra…)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for another week. Yay Mondays!



2 thoughts on “Goal Update: One Bit the Dust

  1. Congrats on the goal achievement, that is a good one to achieve and takes guts.

    Your teasers are good ones, debt definitely slows us down. Though we all need some weight, we don’t technically need debt at all ๐Ÿ™‚



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