It’s time for the (final?) divi tally. Details below:

  • Received $610.00 from shares of Nordic American Tanker (NAT)
  • Received $64.80 from shares of General Mills (GIS)
  • Total: $674.80

This will be the last divi post like since I am moving to passive investing with index funds as talked about in my previous post.

I am going to work on expanding the scope of this site past strictly dividends. Dividends are still in my top 5 list of favorite things, but I am going to try to touch on other financial topics as my own knowledge (hopefully) grows.

Since my plan is to shift into the financial industry eventually, I am trying to get creative on how I do it. My Bachelors is useless (Oceanography). My work experience is unrelated. Anyone who knows a little about most of the financial certifications know that the majority them (like the CFP / CFA) require work experience.  I get it. It makes sense to me, however, it is still frustrating as I try to figure out how to nudge in as I feel that I am starting from a distinct disadvantage.

After much searching, I stumbled upon the college for financial planning after finally finding that there are in fact certifications that require no working experience. I will be looking to register for their Financial Planning Foundations course (start in about 5 months due to sketchy internet connectivity) in preparation to take the Registered Paraplanner (RP) exam. I have absolutely ZERO plans of stopping there but feel like this could be a way to make some headway while learning at the same time. My searches have opened my eyes just on how many different certifications there are in finance. I used to think it was just CFA, CFP, CPA but was shocked when I saw a list full of different ones.

A few that interested me at first glance were:

  • Chartered Mutual Funds Counselor (CMFC)
  • Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS)
  • Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA)

I will be making said transition in roughly 8-10 months. Since I can’t actually start taking the online portion course, I messaged them to try and get the book list so at least I can start reading the material.

However, I sort of jumped the gun and went ahead and ordered a used copy of The New Wealth Management: The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Managing and Investing Client Assets. It has good reviews and seems like the type of book I can keep as a reference.

Change is constant every year, but I think I am going to have a extra helping or two of change this year. Change that I am actually excited about.

Take Care,



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