The difference between playing the stock market and the horses is that one of the horses must win. -Joey Adams (

I have made a lot of recent changes to my portfolio. My philosophy on investing has changed along with what the m oney will be used for down the road. I am going to discuss the recent sells and buys first before getting into what has changed.

I often get asked do I want the good news or bad news first. Why does good news never travel alone? I console myself that it is better than bad news or worse news. Let’s start with the ugly and work up from there.


  • Bought 50 shares @ $45.95
  • Sold 50 shares @ $38.1710
  • Loss of 16.95%

Gross! It’s not a KMI debacle where I ate a hearty 30+ % loss. I certainly lost this one! I still think think the company is great and is a good play off the health nuts out there! However, a great company can get pummeled when it is directly tied to egg shell prices. From their website:

We experienced extreme price volatility as market prices for shell eggs reached historically high levels in early fiscal 2016. For the year, average selling prices were up 21.4 percent over fiscal 2015. However, prices dropped considerably through the year as the Urner Barry price index hit a decade-low level during our fourth quarter.

I do not think that I am done with the company. I believe that my money can be used in other stocks at the moment. CALM closed at $37.05 on 10/21/2016.

Sold Canadian Banks: BNS and TD

  • Bought 100 shares of BNS @ avg price of $50.21
  • Sold 100 shares @ $53.8201
  • Gain of 7.19% (Does not include divi gain!)


  • Bought 35 shares of TD @ $39.00
  • Sold 35 shares @ $44.68
  • Gain of 14.56% (Does not include divi gain!)

Banks scare me. It’s like the Wizard of Oz. What’s behind the curtain? No idea. I don’t want to know. All I can say is thank you for the divis!

Sold OKE

  • Bought 100 shares of OKE @ avg price of $37.86
  • Sold 100 shares of OKE @ 51.56
  • Gain of 36.19% (doesn’t include the divi gain!)

I was shocked when I did the numbers on this one. I could have sworn that my cost basis was in the mid 40s. Just goes to show how fickle the memory is. I don’t mind in this case though! It is a natural gas (au naturel anyone) company that actually could have been picked up for under $20 this year!


  • Bought 50 shares of AAPL @ avg price of $96.0835
  • Sold 50 shares @ $118.00
  • Gain of 22.81% (doesn’t include the divi gain!)

Very possible this could go higher on next ER. Very possible this could go lower on next ER. I’m not sticking around to find out! Good luck y’all!


What did this money go into?


Recent Buy KR

  • Bought 350 shares at $30.63
  • Stop limit placed at $29.50
  • Will start selling at $34 and adjust stop accordingly
  • Closed 10/21/2016 @ $30.76

Recent Buy HFC

  • Bought 400 shares @ $23.00
  • Stop limit placed at $22.00
  • Will start taking off table at $25.5 and adjust stop accordingly
  • Closed 10/21/2016 @ $24.44


This is the first time that I have ever used a stop limit in my portfolio. Honestly, it is probably too low and I should raise it as both are a little over a 4% loss. However, I guess one could say I’m greedy and do not want to be kicked out of this trade on a random pull back. I’m sure I will get my nose smacked around on this journey and learn my lessons the hard way!

Why am I doing this?

It is mainly to lock it gained capital. I am starting to care more about the $ amount as opposed to just rising divi payouts. I still think divis are the greatest thing ever! However, I do not want a crash to wipe me out by having too many positions and no stop losses. Do I think a crash is about to happen? I do not know. Do I think the bull market could continue? I do not know. Do I think one sector has better potential than another? I do not know. (I personally like refineries at the moment but that’s not worth much 🙂 )

I am looking out to the 1.5-2.5 year time frame as trying to make trading my profession. I still have a lot to read and learn about the subject, but one cannot replace the experience with reading. You have to actually trade, take your lumps, learn, take some more lumps, and continue learning. It hits all 3 of my boxes for future profession:

  1. Can you make enough money? Yes
  2. Do I enjoy it? Yes (Not as important as number 1 obviously but a very  nice to have!)
  3. Will I have to attend a meeting before the actual meeting to prepare for another next week? NO! (Where do I sign?)

The enthusiasm is nice, but I am well aware that it all has the potential to fall apart after a few kick to the nuts! Being prepared will be the key.

I Intend to:

  • Continue reading and learning about stocks / trading
  • Continue growing my account before starting this endeavor. (Goal of 100k+)
  • Limit the amount I can touch until I prove effective (Thinking 30k; allowing a safety net if things go tragically)
  • Pay the $120 mo for tradenet chat room (Not going to be stupid and go at this alone. Sounds easy way to failure)
  • Psychologically prepare

I am still a long way out from this, however, I think I must start preparing now if I want to succeed. I can’t practice this now because I have a full time job but believe there is plenty to do even now. I have accepted that I will shell out the $120 a month (price as of now) for a quality trading chat room as soon as I decide to start this. I have heard/read good things about tradenet but am not set in stone as of now. I might shell out some shekels if I find a decent course that I think will give me a higher percentage of success.

I do not want to shortchange my education or be afraid to throw cash into this. I think not paying for the chat room, not paying for a course, not paying for any learning experience, and being afraid to actually trade is a sure way for disaster. Murphy is a sneaky guy so you might as well be as prepared as you can for him!

NOV will start a new end of month update. I will still track divis received, but also intend to go over any trading success/failures that occurred. I am done adding to the portfolio for the year. I will be working on maxing out my ROTH. I 100% invest in VSIAX w/ Vanguard. Nothing fancy here.

A lot of changes to my portfolio, but I think everything that has happened since last update has been covered. Here’s to the last couple of months of 2016!

Rockefeller once explained the secret of success. ‘Get up early, work late – and strike oil.’ -Joey Adams (





2 thoughts on “Changes to Portfolio and Philosophy

  1. Ciao DD,
    Looks like you’ve been doing some “autumn cleaning” to the PF. I am also considering some tax harvesting moves to lock in some gains and let go some losses, I wonder why you sold OKE, considering a pullback of the oil industry too?

    • Stal,

      Yeah the tax harvesting is nice but honestly still prefer gains 🙂 I am transitioning from slow to faster money so am transitioning out of stocks that are either losers or at a high. If oil explodes and BP and TOT get a healthy gain (not yet determined) then I will sell and use cash elsewhere. I am content holding since oil is only a little over $50. If T explodes from this TWX deal then I will sell, etc.

      I want to get where I only have 4-6 positions (not having all cash deployed) so it is easier to manage. I have 15 now and that’s impossible to keep up with everything for me.

      Take Care,



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