I finally took the plunge and started a very small position in JNJ (5 shares @ $91.00). This is the 9th holding in my portfolio which gives me an additional $15 of income every year. I am looking to add more to this position in the next few weeks/months. It’s great to be in a position where I do not care if the stock goes up or down. If it goes higher, I will make other purchases. If it goes lower, I will average down and be ecstatic to own more shares of this great company: fifty-two years of dividend growth!

It’s liberating not trying to time the market. No more wondering if this is the bottom or if it’s time to sell before a fearful market crushes fragile gains. I like this strategy of consistently making purchases. It keeps me engaged and motivated. It’s also very exciting watching the slow growth in my passive income. I calculated it out to be $1425.38 over the next year. My portfolio value might get wrecked in this correction, recession, or what have you (ran out of buzz words), but I will see that $1425.38 go up and up. I control that by saving and consistently investing. That is what I focus on.

I am not even close to finishing my position in JNJ. Johnson and Johnson is a company that I would gladly be overweight in. I want JNJ to be a core holding for my portfolio. Depending on what the market gives me, I will try to get this up to 50 shares in the next two months. I will look elsewhere if the price rises and won’t lose any sleep.

Other stocks that might get in the way of me adding to JNJ would be: MDLZ, WBK, PG, PEP, or TD.

I am still undecided about what I think of Westpac Banking Corp (WBK). It’s an Australian bank that pays a semi-annual dividend. It looks oversold to me and is still in a steep decline. The dividend history, however, is fairly sporadic The yield is tempting too at 6.78%. Here is a snowflake picture of WBK provided by simplywall.st. (Love that site! https://simplywall.st)





I still want to finish up my 9th arrow though. It just might get delayed if I think there is a better deal to be had. Hopefully everyone is having a great holiday weekend after taking advantage of this eccentric market.


Take Care,





“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

Thoughts on market:

I hope everyone is having a great week so far. It’s been fun watching the market this week. I tried to ruin my own goal of getting into a 9th stock today. Got home, saw KMI under $31.00, and then placed a buy for 15 shares at $30.95. My goal is still intact. No thanks to myself. I would have been happy with the purchase, but I am glad I will be able to add a new stock to my portfolio later in the month. What really caught my attention this week was seeing MDLZ hit $41.01 a few days ago.  That is very close to meeting my set price for MDLZ. A couple of their products that I enjoy are: Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Cheese Nips, and Sour Patch Kids. I am all for investing in companies whose products I use. It’s motivating! I also got the alert that Verizon will be increasing their dividend from $.55 a share to $.565 a share. This comes out to a 2.7% increase. I’ll take it!

:End Thoughts on market

I often wish I would have hustled more during my teenage years. I wish I wouldn’t have blown off my college classes. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted  money on Pokemon or Dragon Ball-z cards growing up. I wish I wouldn’t have taken months off on my running. I wish I would have been a robot in studying chess tactics. I wish I would have figured out that you can actually save money before I was 24. I wish I would have invested some of the money I earned in college as opposed to blowing most of it on the weekends. Shareholders of BWLD during that time period can thank me anytime. I’m on PayPal.

I never understood how a person could tell others that they had zero regrets. It just didn’t make sense to me. I’ve only been alive for a quarter of a century but can spout out plenty of…miscalculations. I used to think that these people didn’t spend time reflecting on their decisions or actions. However, I noticed often times that very successful people said that they had no regrets as well. This made me question my own thoughts on the matter. I started to question my own view.

At the end of a chess game you often review your game with the other player, coach, or engine (chess computer program). This is to find out where you erred during the game to try and prevent future mistakes of the same flavor. It is similar to watching film after a game to understand the mistakes that were made. It’s only effective if you deliberately study the game. If one lackadaisically throws the moves into the computer, lets it do all the thinking, and makes a quick excuse for losing, a player will never learn the underlying pattern that keeps reappearing game after game. With, however, deliberate analysis, a player can learn from the loss and prevent future losses due to a similar mistake.

That is what “No Regrets” means to me now. Learning from a setback to prevent future losses. It may be worth it to lose a game or two to set up future wins down the road. I think a loss is only a loss if one doesn’t take the time to learn from it. You don’t want to brood on the “failure” for too long but learn the lesson and move forward, around, over, under, or straight through any obstacles that prevent you from an upward trend!

I try to live by that proverb and take action as opposed to living in self-pity and what ifs. I am not always successful but just keep pressing to have more positive than negative days. I am slowly learning that the mindset (hippy alert) you start each day with is the key to being content/happy in any situation. Positive self-talk works. Also, TGI(almost)F!

Take care,