I ended up getting stopped out of KTOS at $7.40 which locked in a small gain of $229.76 after commissions. I wanted to be fully invested so I went looking for a blue chip company with a stable history. I ended up settling on General Mills Inc (GIS).

  • Bought 135 shares of General Mills with a cost basis of $62.41 per share
  • General pays out $1.92 annually ($0.48 per quarter)
  • Brings annual divi total to $4,617.20


General Mills, Inc. (GIS) is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of consumer food products. Its business operates in three segments: U.S. Retail, International, and Bakeries and Foodservice. Its products are manufactured in 15 countries and sold in over 100 countries worldwide. The company owns several brands,including Cheerios, Progresso Soup, Hamburger Helper, and Fruit Roll-Ups.General Mills was established in 1866 and is headquartered Minneapolis, Minnesota.  (source: dividend.com)

GIS Divi Growth:

Payout Amount Calendar Year Annual Growth
$1.7300 2015 7.5%
$1.6100 2014 13.4%
$1.4200 2013 11.8%
$1.2700 2012 8.5%
$1.1700 2011 11.4%
$1.0500 2010 16.7%
$0.9000 2009 9.1%
$0.8250 2008 8.6%
$0.7600 2007 10.1%
$0.6900 2006 7.8%

(source: dividend.com)

It closed at $63.87 on 12/12/2016. I was going to write more about it but am feeling the time squeeze so just wanted to get the buy out there since timing is very important when making a purchase. I believe it is a pretty safe divi stock at a decent price.

Take Care,




One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute. -William Feather

I have made a lot of changes to my portfolio since I am starting to manage it more actively and due to the recent decline. I now only own 5 stocks. A quick breakdown is shown below:


I sold off the others to invest more in NAT and VALE and to have some cash to deploy soon. I am looking at companies like PFE, SNY, or AMGN since pharmaceuticals /biotech/ health sector have been hammered. The other thing I am looking to do is double down on Kroger (KR) if it goes a little bit lower. I bought at 30.63 and would be tempted if it goes any lower than that. I think it is a pretty safe place for my money and am looking for a pop.

Kroger Trade:

  • Cost Basis $30.63
  • $34 gives an 11% gain
  • $36 gives a 17.53% gain
  • Stop at $29.50 equals 3.69% loss
  • Reports earnings Dec 1, 2016

VALE Greed:

  • Cost basis $6.87
  • $8 gives 16.45% gain
  • $9 gives 31% gain
  • Believe stock is in uptrend after hitting low of $2.27 in Jan 2016
  • No stop placed at this time


Put a lot more money into Nordic American Tanker (NAT). I’ll get to collect a nice divi while waiting for a bounce but would rather get a nice bounce to take some off the table. Bought two chunks at $7.98 and $7.88.

  • $9 is about a 12.7% gain
  • $10 is about a 25.31% gain
  • $12 is about a 50.38% gain
  • No stop set

I am not sure how long NAT will be at these levels, but it as been at them before. I just like how a lot of people liked the stock when it was at $14-15 but not at these levels! I’d probably start taking some off the table at mid 9s.

I am also still eyeing refiners to trade. The same day I decided to buy VALE and SFL (already traded out) was the same time that PBF decided to go on a 9%+ run. It has now already pulled back to $22.52. I would like to get on this at $20 or lower. I am unsure if I will get that chance though.

While I am ready for this election to be over, I am ready (and hoping) for a little bit more pain on Monday. I’d rather it only be a very short term panic as opposed to a major downturn. However, I need to eventually pull the trigger on shorting stocks too. I am not there yet but am getting closer to being ready. I am not ready for options yet!

I am enjoying only having to follow a few stocks now. My main goal is to cut my losses and move on. It’ll be fun to see how pleasant or painful this next week is. I have no idea how it’ll end up!


Good luck to all!