• T on 8/3/2015: $21.15
  • NAT on 8/12/2015: $40.00
  • KMI on 8/14/2015: $19.60
  • OKE on 8/14/2015: $48:40
  • SBUX on 8/21/2015: $16.34
  • Total: $145.49

This will probably be one of the better months of 2015 for me considering NAT, KMI, OKE, and T have really high yields. I am still working on diversifying my portfolio. I am pretty heavy in oil/natural gas with OKE, KMI, and BP. I am considering picking up JNJ, PG, MDLZ, or possibly WMT. I’m also looking at Southern Company (SO). I will probably make one purchase towards the end of September. I was considering SJM as well, but I am going to have to wait on that one since it shot up to $117 and change.

I am not sure if the market will continue correcting or start heading up. I am hoping for a pull back, but I doubt the market will listen to my wants. It would have been nice to have some dry powder last Monday. I always run into the problem of not having enough money to buy all the stocks I want. I guess there are worse problems to have though…

Good luck in the Market this week. I am curious to see what happens.


Have a great Sunday!





3 thoughts on “August 2015 Divys

  1. Congrats on the solid dividend income for month of August. Over $100 in dividend income is pretty awesome, especially considering you didn’t have to work for it. Keep up the good work.


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