Making That Bread Money

Let us drop these bread crumbs so that together we find our way home. -Hansel (Not the one that is so hot right now)

It is that time for another buy post. I decided to invest in bread since my other ideas didn’t pan out. I bought 125 shares of Flowers Food Inc (FLO) at $14.95. It’s current yield is 4.31% and it closed the day at $15.26.

From my girl yahoo finance:

Flowers Foods, Inc. produces and markets bakery products in the United States. It operates through two segments, Direct-Store-Delivery (DSD) and Warehouse Delivery. The DSD segment produces and markets fresh bakery foods, including fresh breads, buns, rolls, tortillas, and snack cakes.


I was not expecting to invest in a bread company. However, VLO went back to $54s and F didn’t go below $12 like I wanted before pulling the trigger again. I just went on seeking alpha to see if anyone else had any good ideas in this very high market. I read this article by Sure Dividend on Seeking Alpha about FLO the bread company:

In the words of Charlie Munger, “I have nothing to add.”


This purchase puts me at a projected annual divi total of $2624.90. I am now $375.10 away from my goal of $3k by the end of the year.

I have broken my rule of reading more than one book at a time once again. I am currently working through Poor Charlie’s Almanac and Your Money or Your Life. I recently finished The Intelligent Investor and would be completely lying if I said that I understood it all. Some parts really bored me too. Especially when it started talking about bonds.. Bonds…zzz

Your Money or Your Life is outstanding so far. I am about 25% through with it and look forward to reviewing this book. To me it is a less extreme version of Early Retirement Extreme. However, I gather that 85% + of people would find this book extreme as well. My favorite part so far is where you calculate your ACTUAL hourly wage by accounting for commute, decompression, shopping because you hate your job, eating because you hate your job, drinking because you hate your job…is there a pattern? In the example he used the person started out earning $17 an hour but accounting for all the other ‘stuff’ you get about $6 an hour. If this doesn’t motivate someone then I don’t know what will!

I will not even touch on Poor Charlie’s Almanac yet. It is by far the best investment I have made this year. I might review this book but always fill intimidated when writing about this heavy hitter. He is 92 years old and still going strong! I really want to hear this man speak in person before he dies. There is a lot to learn from this guy besides just how to invest.


Good luck on all of your goals,






July 2016 Divis

All divis are in hand, and it’s time for the July 2016 divis report.

  • DIS = $7.10 on 10 shares
  • BNS = $54.46 – $8.17 = $46.29 100 shares
  • TD = $14.73 – $2.21 = $12.52 on 35 shares

Total $65.91 divis for the month of July 2016. My investing rate for this month was 57.45%. I didn’t hit the 60% mark but am OK with these results. I am projecting that I will hit that mark in August. My divis are also lower than my last similar quarter (April 2016). It is down from $85.08 to $65.91 which comes out to a 22.53% decrease. I believe this is my first decrease looking at similar quarters. It was bound to happen sometime. I am not thrilled about it but just have to stay the course. It’s a long term game. Part of this decrease was selling my WMT stock for capital gains. This was also the first time that I have received divis from Disney. I am looking forward to adding to my Disney position in the future. I think they own too much content and different income streams to not do well long term.

August is looking like it will be a much better month for me. I do not think I will break the $300 dividend barrier for the month but will get pretty close. I am hoping the market gets more volatile as the US election approaches. I would love to see some of these stocks drop in price so I can swoop in and snatch them up.

Stocks I’m following for next purchase:

  • Ford (F)
  • Disney (DIS)
  • Valero (VLO)
  • Verizon (VZ)
  • Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD)

Ford would be the only new position to my portfolio. All of the other options would be just filling out some positions that I already own.I would like to initiate a position in it under $12. I would like to add to VLO at $50. I would add to DIS below $95. VZ is not likely but am considering it just because I am thinking it is a very good long term play. I have the same mindset with TD as VZ. I am already looking forward to August’s divi report now!


Take Care,